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Streets Project - June 2014 (rainbow)The Public Works and Utilities Department is responsible for street maintenance as well as traffic circulation planning and design. Also included within this department is the management of Superior Metropolitan District No. 1 which provides water, sewer, and storm drainage services to the residents of the Town.  Additionally, PWU oversees new construction, informs and implements design of utilities and public infrastructure, and assists in managing projects involving the Town-owned infrastructure & rights-of-way.

The department includes: Public Works and Utilities Director, Civil Engineer, Utilities Superintendent, Construction Inspector, PWU Coordinator, Field Maintenance Superintendent, and three Field Maintenance Technicians.

Town of Superior Design and Construction Standards:

Contractor Permit Applications

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Potable Water - Provides services to residential and commercial water customers, maintains compliance with water regulatory requirements, develops and administers water conservation programs, and participates in regional water industry projects and organizations. View the current schedule of rates and fees.

Reclaimed Water - Implements the use of reclaimed water in landscaping and public infrastructure throughout the town.

Wastewater - Treats domestic, industrial, and commercial sewage to acceptable quality prior to discharge.

Stormwater - Monitors discharges from storm sewer, construction projects, industrial activities, and more. Superior is a part of the Keep it Clean partnership and promotes responsible use of the stormwater drains around the Town.

Streets - Maintains roadways, particularly by performing snow and ice removal during winter months. During summer months the annual streets rehabilitation project identifies and fixes roads that need re-surfacing or replacing.