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Code Enforcement

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The Town of Superior Code Enforcement Program is designed to maintain and enhance the quality of life that is currently enjoyed by all of the residents of the Town of Superior. Through education and community involvement, the focus of the Code Enforcement Program is to maintain a consistent level of compliance for all the neighborhoods with in the Town of Superior.  The emphasis of the program focuses on chapters 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 16 of the Town of Superior Municipal Code.

Common Violation Examples:
Chapter 6 – Business Licensing and Registration
Unlicensed Door-to-Door Solicitations
Chapter 7 – Health/Sanitation/Animals
Tall Grass
Illegal Dumping
Inoperable/Unlicensed Vehicles
Unleashed Dogs
Chapter 8 – Vehicles and Traffic
Parking of Trailers
Non-motorized Equipment
Chapter 10– Streets/Sidewalks/Public Property
Street Excavations
Street Obstructions (i.e. basketball hoops, landscaping materials, roll-off dumpsters)
Storm Water Discharge Across Sidewalks
Snow Removal from Sidewalks (24 hrs after end of snowfall)
Chapter 16 – Land Use
Illegal Signs
Dust, Odor, Smoke or Noise

The goal of the Code Enforcement Program is to identify and correct the problems before they result in a resident complaint; and ensure that the Town of Superiors ordinances are uniformly applied. All in an effort to maintain the high quality of our neighborhoods.

View Superior Municipal Code

If you have any questions about this program,please contact Reggie Nettles, Code Enforcement Officer at 303-499-3675 ext. 165 or email.