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In an ongoing effort to stay connected with residents and visitors alike, the Town of Superior uses several tools to provide you with timely information about Town Board and Advisory Groups meetings and agendas, Community Events and Programs, Construction projects and updates, and other important news and alerts.

Email Subscription Service

GovDelivery logo imageThe Town uses an email subscription service, GovDelivery, to make it easier for you to learn about updates on the news and specific topics that interest you.  Town Board and Advisory Groups meeting information, community events and programs, construction projects and updates and other important news and alerts from the Town are all posted through GovDelivery.

With this service you can determine which types of information items you receive, password-protect your subscriptions and preferences, change your email address or remove yourself at any time by accessing the Subscription Preferences page. We hope you find it useful to have the ability to customize your eblasts based upon your particular interests in Town programs and services! A wireless text-messages feature is also available.

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The Town’s website also provides an e-Notification service allowing citizens to receive automated email reminders for items posted on the Town’s website calendar, and when news items are posted here. You select the categories that you are most interested in.  This is a separate service from GovDelivery for citizens to receive brief calendar and news item reminders from the Town.


Superior's Social Media

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Discussion Groups

Community Bulletin Board (CAC)
This automated email list service is coordinated by a third-party vendor to allow for distribution of information to a list of subscriber email addresses.

Google Groups (Superior Colorado Community Group)
As an email-based service that does not require a Google email account to read posts, anyone interested in posting to the group may do so with a Google account.  Posts can include images and attachments, unlike the CAC listserv email service, and they are permanently stored and searchable.

Reddit 400Reddit (Superior subreddit)
A social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website whose members submit content to the site, including links, text posts, and images.  Registered members can submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which can be voted up or down by other members.  Anyone can read and search previous posts on Reddit’s website or a subreddit page.  Anyone who wishes to post must be registered, using an existing email address.  Participants in a subreddit can check the website for new postings or choose to opt-in to receive a direct notification whenever a new posting is made.

Cable Channel 8

Superior Cable Channel 8 is a local government cable channel serving the needs of the Superior community with coverage of Town Board and Planning Commission meetings, special meetings and community events. When meetings are not being broadcast, the cable channel displays informational bulletins and special announcements.

Superior Click and Fix

SClickFix 400Report non-emergency issues or concerns with Superior Click and Fix 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Submit issues such as potholes, icy or damaged sidewalk, graffiti, missing or damaged street signs, abandoned vehicles, weeds or trash, and other code violation concerns.