Former Land Rover Property

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a rendering of the building at 1500 coalton road

September 25, 2019 Update -- The Town has now taken possession of the building at 1500 Coalton Road. Currently, clean up and minor maintenance are underway as the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department has moved in to the building for the time being. Architects are being vetted and selected by the Town Board to create designs for a shared (community and private) use of the facility. Community Engagement will follow to collect resident input on the designs. Estimated time frame for engagement is November/December of 2019. 

06/17/2019 Press Release-- Town of Superior to Purchase Former Land Rover Property
The Town of Superior has reached a preliminary agreement to purchase the former Land Rover property located at 1500 Coalton Road.  Land Rover moved their operation from the property last summer, and the Town has been working since then to identify next steps for the property and to resolve the legal proceedings that followed.  The Town has been working with the property owner to agree on terms of the purchase and to end legal proceedings. The future of this property will now be determined by the Town as the Board approved a purchase agreement on June 17, 2019 for $3.85 million.  Following the due diligence period, the purchase will be completed in August.  Financing for the purchase will come from the general fund and capital funds. There will be no increases in taxes for residents or businesses. We appreciate the many engaged residents who have patiently waited for the legal proceedings to resolve so we can share the outcome we have been working towards over recent months.  The Board is exploring next steps for the property, so look for more information to be posted over the coming weeks.  Please see below for additional details about the property. 

Background In February of 1998, the owners of the former Land Rover property requested that the land on which they wanted to build their facility be rezoned to a regional-scale zoning designation to accommodate their business.  The Board at that time agreed to this rezoning with a condition that if at any time Land Rover would cease to operate on the property that it would return to its original community-scale zoning designation.

In July of 2018, Land Rover ceased to operate and relocated from Superior.  The building was subsequently leased to a used automobile dealership, which was not an allowed use of the property per the 1998 development agreement.  During this time, the Town formally updated the zoning designation for the property to the community-scale land designation referred to as Community Activity Center in the Rock Creek Ranch Planned Development. The Board’s determination to rezone the property meant that any automobile-oriented use of the property was no longer allowed.  Litigation followed, and ultimately the rezoning was not recognized by the court. 

Current Decision
As a result of this ruling, the Town has been reviewing options to utilize this property within the best interest of Superior residents, including both automotive and non-automotive uses. The Town Board ultimately determined the best choice was to purchase the property, to ensure the intent of the 1998 agreement was met and to transition the property to a use that provides greater value to the community.  Due to the ongoing litigation, the Town Board’s discussions regarding this property were not able to occur during a regular Board meeting. This prevented any type of community engagement on the decision. 

Next Steps
The Town has hired a firm to conduct building and environmental inspections prior to the closing of the sale, which is expected to take 30 – 45 days to complete. The Town will also be exploring opportunities for uses for the building during this time.