2020 Resolutions

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2020 Town Board

Resolution 1 - Designated Public Place for Posting of Meeting Notices
Resolution 2 - Appointing A Director & Alternate Director to Rocky Flats Stewardship Council
Resolution 3 - Approving An Agreement w/ Vargas for Landscaping, Flower & Snow Removal Services
Resolution 4 - Approving An MOU with Boulder County for HMM Facility
Resolution 5 - Appointing A Member to ACES
Resolution 6 - Appointing A Member to OSAC
Resolution 7 - Approving IGA for the Boulder Area Mobile Application Project
Resolution 8 - Approving an Agreement with J&T Consulting for Engineering Services 
Resolution 9 - Approving A Services Agreement with Superior Maintenance for On-call Emergency Services for 2020.
Resolution 10 - Approving A Services Agreement with Brannan Sand & Gravel for On-Call & Emergency Services for 2020
Resolution 11 - Approving A Services Agreement with Naranjo Civil Constructors, Inc.  For On-Call & Emergency Services For 2020
Resolution 12 - Approving an Eighth Amendment to the Employment Agreement with Matthew G. Magley
Resolution 13 - Approving an Agreement with Goodland Const. for Preconstruction Services for 88th St. Project
Resolution 14 - Approving the Rock Creek Ranch Filing No. 20D Final Plat No. 36 Case# FPSP-2020-01 
Resolution 15 - Amending the Town's Public Records Policy
Resolution 16 - Adopting the Annual Three-Mile Plan for the Town
Resolution 17 - Approving A Service Agreement with ABCx@, LLC for Aviation Consultation Services, Phase II
Resolution 18 - Approving an IGA with Boulder County Regarding Voter Services for 2020 General Election
Resolution 19 - Approving an Amendment to IGA with Boulder County Sheriff's Office for Services
Resolution 20 - Making an Appointment to CAPS Committee
Resolution 21 - Approving an Agreement with Earth Green for Fence Maintenance
Resolution 22 - Approving A Construction Contract w/ Goodland Construction, INc. for Phase I of 88th Street Project
Resolution 23 - Approving A Final Design For 1500 Colaton Building
Resolution 24 - Approving A Remote Meeting Policy
Resolution 25 - Resolution Declaring A Local Disaster Emergency
Resolution 26 - Approving an Agreement with RC Special Events for Event Rental Equipment
Resolution 27 - Approving an IGA with Boulder County for the Boulder County Youth Corp Program
Resolution 28 - Adopting the Oil & Gas Best Management Practices 
Resolution 29 - Approving A Change Order to Construction Contract for Phase I of the 88th Street Project
Resolution 30 - Reducing the Speed Limit Along Rock Creek Cir from 30 MPH to 25 MPH
Resolution 31  - Approving A Policy for the Establishment of a Sister City Affiliation with the Town
Resolution 32 - Establishing the Finance Committee and Setting Forth the Duties Thereof
Resolution 33 - Approving The Purchase of 182 Acres to be Used as Open Space
Resolution 34 - Approving An Agreement with PROS Consulting for PROST Master Plan Update
Resolution 35 - Approving An Agreement with OTAK, Inc. for Design Services on the US36 Bikeway Extension Project
Resolution 36 - Not Approved
Resolution 37 - Approving A Construction Contract with Goodland Construction, Inc. for Construction of 6 Pickleball Courts
Resolution 38 - Extending the Declaration of a Local Disaster Emergency for the Town of Superior
Resolution 39 - Not Approved
Resolution 40 - Approving A Construction Contract with PG Arnold Construction for 1500 Coalton Road

2020 Planning Commission

Resolution 1 - Recommending Approval of the Rock Creek Ranch Filing No.20D Final Plat Site Plan No. 36, Case #FPSP-2020-01
Resolution 2 - Approval of a FDP for Marshall Road Bridge Connection Planning Area 1&2 Downtown Superior

2020 Superior Metro District #1 (SMD1)

Resolution 1 - Designating Regular Meeting Location and Time and Public Places for Posting Meeting Notices
Resolution 2 - Approving Amendment to IGA to participate in the Windy Gap Firming Project
Resolution 3 - Canceling the May 5, 2020 Regular district Election
Resolution 4 - Approving A Loan From Colorado Water Resources & Power Development Authority
Resolution 5 - Approving The Construction Contract for the Wastewater Treatment Plant

2020 Superior McCaslin Interchange District (SMID)

Resolution 1 - Designating Regular Meeting Location and Time and Public Places for Posting Meeting Notices
Resolution 2 - Canceling of the May 5, 2020 Regular District Elections

2020 Superior Urban Renewal Authority

Resolution 1 - Establishing A Designated Public Place for the Posting of Meeting Notices