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There are several roundabouts throughout the Town: McCaslin Boulevard and Coalton Road, Center Drive and  Marshall Road in the Superior Marketplace, McCaslin Boulevard and Main Street, Main Street and Gateway Drive, and Rock Creek Parkway at 88th Street. These roundabouts improve the flow of traffic, decrease vehicle noise, and reduce emissions.

Roundabout 017

How to Drive a Roundabout

When approaching a roundabout, slow down to 15 mph and yield to traffic in the roundabout and pedestrians in the crosswalk. For multi-lane roundabouts, look for signs to help you choose the appropriate lane for your destination before entering the roundabout.

Once you see a gap in traffic, enter the roundabout and keep to the right as you proceed counter-clockwise to your exit. Do not stop at any point within the roundabout. As you approach your exit, turn on your right turn signal. Do not pass cyclists or other vehicles within the roundabout.

If you are within the roundabout when an emergency vehicle approaches, do not stop. Move safely through, exit, and then pull over.

If you miss your exit, no problem – just go around one more time.

Roundabout 007


If you are comfortable riding in traffic, take the lane and circulate as the vehicles do, making sure to yield to traffic in the roundabout when you enter. 

Be aware of traffic around you; continually scan for vehicles that may turn unexpectedly.

When you exit the roundabout, use your right hand signal.

If you are unsure about using the roundabout, dismount and walk your bike as a pedestrian at the designated crosswalks.

Roundabout 018


Stay in the designated crosswalks at all times. 

Never cross to the central island.

Watch for cars; you have the right-of-way, but your best protection is your own attention.

Cross the crosswalk one direction at a time, using the splitter island as a refuge area before crossing the next direction of vehicular traffic.


The graphic below shows how traffic flows in a multi-lane roundabout.