Superior Town Center Approved Applications

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Throughout 2013, the Board of Trustees approved agreements and development applications with RC Superior, LLC for the Superior Town Center.  This included an amendment to the 2012 Superior Town Center Planned Development Plan.  This amendment brought in the adjacent Spicer/Schuck (formerly Carlson) properties.  Following that approval, there have been additional approvals for the Superior Town Center.

Superior Town Center Planned Development Plans (Zoning)

The following documents are the primary review criteria for all applications in the Superior Town Center.

Superior Town Center Final Development Plans (Site Development and Infrastructure)

Boulder Valley Ice and Indoor Sports at Superior

Discovery Office Park

Included in the 2013 Town Center approvals was a request for RC Superior, LLC to coordinate the alignment of Discovery Parkway into the Superior Town Center.   In addition to the road alignment, the property owner of Discovery Office Park also applied for a PD Amendment and annexation of an enclave parcel to expand their development.