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North and South Pool are both closed to the public for the 2019 season.  Local competitive swim club Elevation Athletics will be renting lap lane time at the North Pool through October 31.  This is a private rental paid for by the group. 


Town of Superior Pools

The Town of Superior has two outdoor pools, North Pool and South Pool.  The North Pool facility is located at 1650 South Indiana Street and features a heated leisure pool and heated children’s wading pool.  The South Pool facility is located at 3300 Huron Peak Avenue and features a heated leisure pool with a slide and mushroom fountain and a heated children’s wading pool.  Both facilities offer a designated lane for lap swimming.  The North Pool lap lane is 25 meters long and the South Pool lap lane is 25 yards long.   



Pool Entry Policy

Each year we will be requiring that all Superior residents who wish to use the Town’s outdoor pools to please provide us with proof of current residency in the form of a *water bill postmarked within 60 days or a current lease document.  This can easily be done online by visiting, Clicking on the Activity Registration button, and logging into your account. From there simply click on Document Upload under the My Account tab and upload your document. Only one document/utility bill required per household.  We will also accept proof of residency documents at Superior Town Hall and at both pools once they open. Once we receive your document we will take it from there.  We will verify residency and then activate all current Resident ID cards under your household.  There is nothing more for you to do - just head to the pool this summer with your ID card!  Help us out and upload your document now before the pools open for the summer!                  

 *If your water is paid through HOA, a cable or phone bill will suffice.

Who needs a Resident ID card?  All residents 9 years of age or older that live within the Town of Superior need to possess a resident photo ID card to use both the North and South Pools.  To receive an ID card, proof of residency in the form of a current water bill that is postmarked within 60 days or a current lease document is required along with a current photo ID.  Resident ID’s are issued at Superior Town Hall year round and the North and South Pool during the pool season.  The cost for an Identification Card is $5.00.  Replacement ID’s are also $5.00.  Pool patrons without a valid Resident ID card will be charged guest fees.  If you have an older ID with a barcode, you will not need a new card.

Residents under 9 years of age do not need an ID when accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) who possesses a Resident ID card, or a youth 13-17 years old who possesses a current *American Red Cross Babysitting Basics Certificate, YMCA Babysitter’s Certificate, or HeartSmart, Inc. Kidwatch certificate, along with their Resident ID card.  A copy of the babysitter’s certificate will need to be provided to the front desk staff before gaining entry to either North or South Pool.  

A nanny residing in a resident’s household for the summer can be issued a Seasonal ID card for $5, which can be used through Labor Day of the current year.  A nanny under 18 years of age will still need to possess a babysitting certificate, if bringing children under 9 years of age to the pool.

*The American Red Cross offers an online Babysitting Basics course that costs $40 and takes about 4 hours to complete.  A score of 80% or higher on the final exam is required to receive a printable Diploma.  For more information visit

Please understand that these policies have been established to help ensure the safety and enjoyment of all who visit the Town of Superior pools.

Guest Policy at the Pools

All guests are required to sign in at the front desk and MUST be accompanied at all times by a resident (ages 9 or older) with a Resident ID, while at the pools.  Age specific policies outlined in Pool Entry information above still apply.      

Fees for guests are:

  • Age    0 - 5 - Free
  • Age    6 and up - $2.00

Guest Punch Card

Town of Superior residents have the option to purchase a 20 visit guest punch card. This card can be used for any age guest (6 and older).  The cost is just $35.00, will never expire, and is good for 20 visits. You can purchase the 20 visit punch card at Town Hall or at the pools. All guests are required to sign in at the front desk and MUST be accompanied by a resident age 9 or older.

Pool Party Rental Information

Parties consisting of 10 or more non-family members gathering in an organized group during the normal operating hours of the pools are responsible for making a pool party reservation. This reservation is critical due to the limited lifeguard to patron ratio that is in place at each pool.

Fees are charged to reserve the facility for the event and do not cover the entry fees of any non-resident of the Town. These fees cover the cost of an additional lifeguard(s) to be present during the party, and reserves two (or more) pool side tables for the group. Non-residents of the group shall be charged the applicable guest fees separate from any reservation fees. Daytime pool party reservations for North or South Pool are available only to residents of the Town of Superior; non-residents may not reserve the facility or enter the facility without the accompaniment of a Town of Superior resident


Please Note:  Pool reservations during normal operating hours are non-exclusive.  You will be expected to share the pool area with the public. 

Please contact Superior Town Hall at 303-499-3675 for pricing and availability.   All reservations must be made by completing a Park, Shelter & Pool Permit application and turning your application in at Town Hall at least two weeks in advance of your party.

*Fees and policies differ for evening pool party rentals.  North Pool may be rented for evening pool parties by resident groups.  The hours the pool may be rented are Sunday through Saturday evenings 8:00-10:00 p.m. Parties must be out of the pool facility by 10:00 p.m.  For more information on pricing and availability for evening pool rentals please email Bryan Meyer at and include specific details for your requested party (date, time, # of people, purpose of function)