Passport Superior

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With Passport Superior you will learn more about Superior's park and trail system, recreation programs community events and public art. Grab your passport and head out today to get active with your family and friends. We hope you have a great summer exploring Superior parks & recreation opportunities!

How to Use Your Passport Superior...

  • Pick up your Passport Superior at Town Hall, North or South Pool
  • Grab your family and friends and head out on Superior's trails to visit the Town's Parks, community events, public art and programs
  • Find the Passport Superior sign in each park and write down the letters on the sign in your passport
  • Locate the Town booth at any community event and receive a stamp in your passport
  • Bring your completed passport to the Superior Town Hall and receive your prize - MUST FIND ALL THE PARKS, ATTEND AT LEAST 2 OF THE COMMUNITY EVENTS, AND FIND 1/2 OF THE PUBLIC ART PIECES!

Have fun exploring your Town this summer!
Post your photos on social media using #passportsuperior!