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Group Swim Lessons

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The Town of Superior’s Group Swim Lesson program, in partnership with the Rock Creek Flyers Swim Team, utilizes nationally certified learn to swim curriculum through the SwimAmerica program.  All lessons are taught by certified swim coaches who have achieved a minimum of ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association) Level II Coaching Certification.  Our lessons are designed to teach all of the swim skills your child needs to be safe in and around the water for a lifetime.  Classes begin every summer following Memorial Day weekend and run through mid-August at Superior North and South Pool.

The 2020 Summer Group Swim Lesson Class Schedule will be posted on this page in March.  Registration will open up in early April.

Town of Superior Group Swim Lesson Program - Information Overview

Which group swim lesson class is right for your child?


Group Swim Lesson Class Descriptions

Parent/Tot (AGES 6 months to 3 years) (30 minute Class)

This class is designed to teach infants or toddlers and their care-givers basic water adjustment skills. This does not teach children to be accomplished swimmers or survive in the water. One parent per child. Swim diapers are required. 


Level 1 – Bubbles  (Minimum age requirement of 3 years) (30 minute Class)

This level is for nervous or beginner students. It includes introduction to the basic skills necessary for swimming. We work on gradual water adaptation, movement in the water, breath holding and release, submersions of the face, opening eyes underwater, blowing bubbles, bobbing with bubbles, and air exchange. Swimmers will gain confidence and master submerging their face in the water. Swimmers advance when they can do 10 relaxed bobs with air exchange.

Skills to be learned:

  1. Gradual adaptation to water
  2. Movement in the water
  3. Breath holding and release
  4. Submersion of face
  5. Opening eyes underwater with goggles on
  6. Blowing bubbles through the nose
  7. Wall bobs with bubbles and air exchange


Level 2 – Floats and Glides (30 minute Class)

This level is for swimmers who are comfortable holding their breath under the water and doing 10 relaxed bobs with air exchange. Swimmers will be taught to front float and recover, front glide and recover, back float and recover, and back glide and recover. Additionally, students will learn how to safely enter the water. Swimmers advance when they can front and back glide for 5 seconds and recover. 

Skills to be learned:

  1. Front float and recover
  2. Front glide and recover
  3. Back float and recover
  4. Black glide and recover
  5. Dumping bobs
  6. Streamline bobs


Level 3 – Kicking (30 minute Class)

This level is for swimmers that know how to comfortably hold their breath and float on their stomach and back independently. Swimmers will be taught kicking skills with front and back glides. Swimmers advance when they can kick 15 feet on their front and 15 feet on their back in streamline position. 

Skills to be learned:

  1. Porpoising
  2. Front kick, glide and recover
  3. Back kick, glide and recover
  4. Dolphin kick, glide and recover
  5. Seesaw body movement
  6. Working with the kickboard

Private Lessons

 Level 4 – Crawl Stroke (30 minute Class)

This level is appropriate for swimmers who have mastered breath control, body position, and kicking on their front and back on top of the water. Swimmers will be taught to roll over front to back and back to front, breathing position for freestyle (side-glide), and the crawl arm stroke with catch up. Swimmers will master short front crawl swim and advance by performing side-glide kick for 20 feet and crawl stroke for 20 feet. 

Skills to be learned:

  1. Rollover – front to back and back to front
  2. Finning and Sculling
  3. Side – glide – kick
  4. Crawl arm stroke
  5. Backwards bobs
  6. Somersaults forward and back

Level 5/6 – Freestyle & Backstroke (30 minute Class)

This class is for swimmers who can swim on top of the water, but who stop when they need to take a breath. Swimmers will be taught back crawl stroke and will master front crawl stroke with bilateral side breathing.  Swimmers will also learn how to tread water, dive from the sitting, kneeling, and standing positions, and work on their endurance in freestyle. Swimmers will advance by swimming crawl stroke with a minimum of 4 side breaths and swim backstroke with correct body position, strong kicks, and quick arm rotation.

Skills to be learned (Freestyle):

  1. Crawl strike with breathing to side
  2. Back crawl stroke
  3. Double somersaults
  4. Handstands
  5. Horizontal head first sculling

Skills to be learned (Backstroke):

  1. Extended freestyle swimming goal is 1 length of the pool uninterrupted
  2. Tread water
  3. Jump in and tread water
  4. Sitting dive
  5. Kneeling dive
  6. Standing dive


Level 7/8 – Butterfly, Breaststroke & Turns (30 minute Class)

This level is for swimmers who have successfully mastered freestyle and backstroke. In this class, swimmers will learn how to dolphin kick and the timing of the butterfly stroke. The butterfly stroke should have 2 visible kicks with one arm pull. Breathing should occur every other stroke.  Swimmers will also learn the breaststroke kick (up-out-around) and correct timing (pull-breathe-kick-glide) for breaststroke.  After mastering all 4 strokes, swimmers will learn how to perform a flip in the water, how to touch with both hands on breaststroke and butterfly, and how to correctly perform a freestyle flip turn.  In this level, swimmers will also learn how to turn for the Individual Medley. 

Skills to be learned (Butterfly & Breaststroke):

  1. Breaststroke kick
  2. Breaststroke swim
  3. Butterfly arms
  4. Butterfly Swim

Skills to be learned (Turns)

  1. Freestyle with bilateral breathing every 3-5 strokes
  2. Turns

Jr. Lifeguard (30 minute Class)

This class is for swimmers looking to advance in their swimming ability and learn the skills that real lifeguards use every day. Completion of Level 5/6 or comparable stroke ability is required. Participants must be 10-14 years of age. This class will teach participants how to perform lifesaving rescues, treat first aid situations, and identify distressed swimmers. Participants will also increase stroke technique and endurance so they can swim with more ease, efficiency and power. Participants will also be required to complete 5 service hours at the pool upon completion of the class session. 


*Swimmers that have successfully completed Level 5/6 may be eligible for stroke school or Flyers pre-team.  If swimmer is interested, please contact Flyers Head Coach Jen Koschmann for an evaluation at