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Q. Can I speak with the Judge over the phone to discuss my case?
 The Judge is not allowed to discuss your court case on the phone. You may put your request in writing or call the Court clerks office to be added on to a court docket.

Q. Can I meet with the Prosecuting Attorney before my court date?
A. The City Attorney will not meet with you before you have been advised of your rights by the judge. 


Q. Can I change my court date?
A. Yes. You are allowed 1 continuance. You must call or email the court clerk at least 5 days prior to the court date indicated on your summons.


Q. What types of payment are accepted by the Court?
A. The court accepts cash, check, Visa/MasterCard, money orders and cashier’s checks. Please make checks payable to the Town of Superior.

Q. Can I pay online with a credit card?
A. Traffic tickets, Yes, at WWW.SUPERIORTIX.COM.
Parking ticket payments are not accepted online.  Payments can be made in person or you can mail them in.


Q. If my summons is marked “Penalty Assessment Notice” when is the payment due?
A. If your ticket is marked “Penalty Assessment Notice“ your payment is due within 20 days of receiving the ticket to receive a points reduction.  Non-mandatory traffic citations paid prior to the Court date will receive the below point reductions:

Original Charge Reduced Points Amended Charge
4 points 2 points Defective Vehicle
3 points 1 point Defective Headlamp
2 points 1 point Defective Headlamp
1 point 0 points Vision Obstructed


Q. Can I take traffic school to reduce the number of points that might be assessed?
A. It is up to the Prosecuting Attorney to decide what type of plea offer to make in each case. Keep in mind that the court, on its own, may order that you complete traffic school as part of the penalty imposed in your case.


Q. What if my summons is marked “Mandatory Court Appearance?"
A. If your summons is marked “Mandatory Court Appearance” you must appear at the Superior Municipal Court at the date and time indicated on your summons. Most cases are resolved the same day.

Q. Will I still be eligible for a possible point reduction or plea bargain?
A. Maybe. If you wish to speak to the Prosecuting Attorney reference a possible point reduction or plea bargain indicate that to the Judge when your case is called.

Q. How long will I be at the Court on my court date?
A. Allow for 1 –2 hours. Most cases are there for arraignments. It is first come, first served.


Q. How can I file an entry of appearance?
A. The Superior Municipal Court accepts hand-delivered, faxed or email entries of appearance.

Q. Do I need to appear in court?
A. Yes, unless the deputy has marked a payable amount on the front of your summons. If no payment amount is marked on your summons, you must appear in court on the date set in the Summons and Complaint box on your summons. Failure to appear is considered contempt of court and will result in consequences including the issuance of a warrant for your arrest, imposition of a hold on your driver's privilege and additional fees and costs.

Q. If I am under 18, am I required to appear with a parent?
A. Yes, you must bring a parent or legal guardian with you to court.

Q. How do I contest the charge?
A. To contest the charge, you must appear in court, plead not guilty and set your case for trial. If you would like to discuss your case with the prosecutor, you can do so on your first court date after you have been advised of your rights by the judge. 

Q. May I call the Court for legal advice?
A. The court staff cannot give you legal advice of any kind.

Q. Do I need to bring an attorney?
A. You have the right to hire an attorney to represent you in your case. You are not required to hire an attorney and can represent yourself if you so choose.

Q. If I cannot afford an attorney, will the Court appoint an attorney to represent me?
A. The right to court appointed counsel exists only in those cases where (1) You are facing a jail sentence for the charge; and (2) You are indigent according to state established guidelines.

Q. How long will my court appearance take?
A.  Arraignment is your first court appearance, which can last up to two hours. Once everyone has assembled, the court clerk will call court in session. Next, the judge will advise defendants of their rights and begin to process cases individually.

  • Court trials can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours, although the average is about 45 minutes. However, since several trials are scheduled at the same time, be prepared to wait for other trials to be completed before your trial begins.
  • Jury trials are set for a full day, although the typical jury trial is often completed by mid-afternoon.
  • Other court proceedings are brief and do not involve long wait times.

Q. What happens if I set my case for trial?
A. If you decide to contest the case and plead not guilty, the court will set your case for trial on a future date.
Trial Information Brochure

Q. What happens if I miss my court date?
A. If you miss your court date, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. In addition, a default judgment may enter, meaning that the points for the charge will be assessed against your driving privilege. The fine will be automatically imposed and a hold may be placed on your driver's license. If a warrant has been issued, you may appear in court (call first to arrange a date and time), (you may write a letter to the judge explaining why you missed your court date), or you can post a cash bond. You may be arrested at any time if a warrant has been issued, so it is advisable to exercise one of the options quickly. For more information, contact the Court Clerk at 303-499.3675 x 130.

Q. When are my fines and costs due?
A. Fines and costs are due on the day of sentencing. For good cause, the Court may grant a stay of the fines and costs for a brief period of time.

Q. How do I get an extension on my time to complete community service?
A. You must appear in court on your due date to address the issue with the Judge. Failure to complete community service may result in the issuance of a contempt citations and contempt penalties as determined by the court

Q. I lost my Community Service Time Sheet.  How can I get another one?
A. Click COURT ORDERED COMMUNITY SERVICE information and time sheet