Due to COVID-19, Town Hall is open for walk-in business Monday-Friday from 10:00 am-3:00 pm. For additional information, visit our COVID-19 resource links below.

Community Development in the Town of Superior consists of three administrative areas, the Building Department, the Planning Department, and the Public Works Department. 

Building Department

The Building Department oversees the issuance of building permits and reviews plans for both commercial and residential projects.  The department is also responsible for inspections, building safety, and variances.

Planning Department

The Planning Department is responsible for coordinating development review for the Town including zoning, subdivision, and site development.  The department is also responsible for the administration of Long Range planning, including updates to the Town's Comprehensive Plan, updates to the Land Use Code, and other regulating and guiding documents.

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is responsible for the oversight of development in the Floodplain, the administration of Right-of-Way, Utility and Stormwater Quality permits, and oversight of certain design criteria and standards within the Town.