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Green Building Program

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The Green Build Program is designed to achieve energy efficient building standards for new construction. This Program establishes green build standards through education, regulation, and incentives, which will promote and encourage high performing sustainable development and redevelopment within the Town of Superior.  Development meeting the Green Build Program standards will create cost-effective, energy efficient structures that reduce both the production of greenhouse gases from residential buildings and the amount of material sent to landfills, and conserve and protect water and other natural resources. By requiring increased energy efficiency Green Build Program is ensuring a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions for both new and renovated homes in the Town of Superior. 


  • Promote sustainable development and redevelopment
  • create cost effective, energy efficient structures that reduce greenhouse gases
  • reduce the amount of material sent to landfills
  • reduce water consumption

The Green Build Program provides a list of recommended conservation elements builders and homeowners can use to achieve energy efficiency standard being required. The Program focuses on the end result and provides information and recommended guidelines to achieve the required energy efficiency by making recommendations regarding landscaping installed, water conservation, rehabilitation techniques, insulation, construction waste management, HVAC systems, appliances, lighting, use of renewable energy and materials used.  Builders and homeowners can decide what improvements to use and make to meet the energy efficiency required.

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