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2020 Census Information

Post Date:10/10/2019 9:41 AM

2020 Census Information...What You Need to Know

1. Census Forms Go Out in March 2020 — if you get something that looks like the Census before then, it is not.

2. Your Personal Information is Safe — the Census doesn’t ask for birth dates or social security numbers and the web-based survey has 15 layers of cyber-security.

3. Filling Out the Census is Easy — you will be able do it on the internet, by phone or in person and it is just 10 questions per person.

4. Critical Funding is at Stake —for every person missed, our communities will lose $2,300 of funding each year for 10 years! These dollars support critical community services like schools, transportation, fire stations, affordable housing and medical services for seniors and children living in poverty.

5. Colorado Could Gain a Seat in Congress —the number of seats in the House of Representatives is fixed and allocated based on population. Colorado could gain a seat, but it may go to another state if we don’t count everyone.

Additional Information:
Census PowerPoint Presentation from the October 2, 2019 Metro Mayors Caucus Meeting 
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