2018 Approved Resolutions

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2018 Town Board

Resolution 1 - Establishing A Designated Public Place for the Posting of Meeting Notices
Resolution 2 - Accepting A Quitclaim Deed for Tract H, Discovery Office Park/Superior Town Center
Resolution 3 - Appointing A Director & An Alternate Director to the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council
Resolution 4 - Approving the Triennial Continuation of the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council and Amendment to IGA
Resolution 5 -Accepting Quitclaim Deed for Tract A & B, STC Filing No. 1B, Replat No. 3 (Parks 1 & 2)
Resolution 7 - Approving A Services Agreement with J&T Consulting, Inc. for Engineering Services for 2018
Resolution 8 - Approving A Service Agreement with Superior Maintenance
Resolution 9 - Approving A Service Agreement with Brannan Sand and Gravel
Resolution 10 - Supporting the Goals of the Boulder County Regional Housing Partnership's Regional Housing Strategy
Resolution 11 - Approving An IGA with Boulder County of Youth Corps Program Services
Resolution 12 - Approving the Final Plat, FDP and Assoc Development Improvements Agre. for Discovery Office Park
Resolution 13 - Adopting the Annual Three-Mile Plan for the Town
Resolution 14 - Approving A Utility Easement & Construction Easement Between the Town and Public Service
Resolution 15 - Approving an IGA for a Transportation Improvement Program Forum
Resolution 16 - Approving an Agreement with Rocksol Consulting Group for Construction Management Services
Resolution 17 - Approving A Services Agreement with Clarion Associates for Planning Services
Resolution 18 - Approving Emergency Operations Plan
Resolution 20 - Approving Replat, FDP & ADIG for Tract A, STC Filing 1B, Replat No.3
Resolution 21 - Approving an Agreement with earth Green Fence Products for Fence Repairs
Resolution 22 - Approving a Public Art Commission Agreement with Douwe Studios for Roundabout Art
Resolution 23 - Approving A Non-Exclusive Permanent Utility Easement Agreement with Public Service Company of Colo
Resolution 24 - Appointment to the Advisory Committee for Environmental Sustainability
Resolution 25 - Appointment to the Open Space Advisory Committee
Resolution 26 - Appointment to the Parks, Recreation,Open Space and Trails Advisory Committee
Resolution 27 - Approving an Agreement with Quality Water Biosystems, Inc. for Pond Maintenance Services
Resolution 28 - Approving a Const. Contract with Goodland Const. for 2018 Street Rehabilitation Program
Resolution 29 - Appointment to PROS Committee
Resolution 30 - Appointment to ACES
Resolution 31 - Appointment to the Superior Historical Commission
Resolution 32 - Appointment to the Planning Commission
Resolution 33 - Appointment to CAPS
Resolution 34 - Appointment to OSAC
Resolution 35 - Approving the Jefferson County Collaborative Transportation Forum IGA

2018 Planning Commission

Resolution 1 - Approval of the Major Final Subdivision Plat & FDP for the Discovery Office Park/STC Lot 1, Block 1
Resolution 2 - Approval of Fourth Amendment to the PDP for STC Case #PDA-2018-01
Resolution 3 - Approval of STC Filing 1B, Replat 6, & FDP for Electronic Vehicle Sales and Service Center
Resolution 4 - Approval of Major Final Subdivision Plats an FDP Plans for Lot 1, Blk 14 & A Portion of Lot 1, Blk 26 of STC



2018 Superior Metro District #1 (SMD1)

Resolution 1 - Designating Regular Meeting Location and Time and Public Places for Posting Meeting Notices
Resolution 2 - Canceling the May 8, 2018 Regular District Election & Conditionally Electing By Acclamation 
Resolution 3 - Approving the 3rd AMD to the 5th Interim Agreement to Continue Participation in the Windy Gap Firming Project


2018 Superior McCaslin Interchange District (SMID)

Resolution 1 - Designating Regular Meeting Location and Time and Public Places for Posting Meeting Notices
Resolution 2 - Cancelling the May 8th Regular District Election 


2018 Superior Urban Renewal Authority

Resolution 1 - Designating Regular Meeting Location and Time and Public Places for Posting Meeting Notices