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Weldona Way Closure

Weldona Way Closure at 88th Street

Post Date:09/11/2018 4:30 PM
Following extensive community dialog and technical review, the Town Board decided during their August 27, 2018, meeting to close access to Weldona Way from 88th Street. Residents in this area had longstanding concerns about the volume and speed of traffic on this street which was originally designed for local traffic, but became a short-cut route for vehicles traveling between 88th Street and S. Coal Creek Drive. Barriers were installed today to eliminate this access. Visual message boards were posted earlier this week to notify drivers in this area of the pending closure, and permanent signs were installed yesterday.   

School officials were notified in order to adjust school bus logistics. Families that previously had a school bus stop at Weldona Way and Elmoro Court will now use the existing stop two blocks to the west at Akron Place. Mail delivery is scheduled as normal. The Town is coordinating with the Rocky Mountain Fire District and Boulder County Sheriff’s Office to ensure appropriate emergency vehicle access to the area is maintained.

Construction of permanent roadway and trail improvements in the area of the closure are scheduled for 2019, as well as improvements at the Coal Creek Drive/Rock Creek Parkway intersection to facilitate safe traffic movement through this area as a result of the closure at Weldona. The Town will continue to monitor the impacts of this change, and consider additional measures going forward.