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Doo Gooder Superior

Post Date:05/12/2017 10:54 AM

Doo Gooder Superior video


Our beautiful parks and trails need your help. Superior’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department is receiving a high amount of calls from residents with concerns about animal waste in our parks and on our trails.

Superior is home to approximately 1,900 dogs.  If every dog owner thinks that leaving behind one little poop is no big deal, our community would quickly be buried under over 1,400 pounds of poop in just one day, and nearly 10,000 pounds of poop in one week! This growing problem can affect the health and well-being of everyone in the community.  

Not picking up your dog’s poop is more than just a stinky nuisance, it can make us all sick. Dog waste is the 3rd largest contributor of bacterial pollution in urban watersheds.

Abandoned dog waste finds its way into the water system when rain and melting snow flows across yards, down trails and through parks on its way to creeks via our streets and storm drains. This increases the exposure of you, your neighbors and our community to bacteria, viruses and parasites!
According to Superior Municipal Code (Section 7-2-70) it is unlawful to fail to remove dog waste on any public or private property. This means not picking up your dog’s poop in the park, or even your own backyard, could result in a fine between $25 and $50, and because of recent concerns the town is working towards stronger enforcement.  

Dog owners PLEASE:
• Be prepared and carry poop bags with you
• Take extra bags so you don’t run out (and you can help someone in need)
• Make sure the bag ends up in a trash can
Do your part by picking up after your pet and encourage your neighbors to do the same. Dog poop doesn't only stink, it can make us all sick!

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